Northern Road Connectivity Project

Funding Agency               :               Asian Development Bank

Project Objective            :               The provincial component of the project will improve connectivity in the transport networks of the Northern Province. The provision of improved roads will contribute to poverty reduction. The project will improve connectivity to lagging areas supporting socially inclusive development.

                                                It is also expected to strengthen particularly the ability of planning, programming and contract administration together with institutional capacities of NPRBD. The Project will also help to strengthen their institutional capacity in road assets management.

Project Cost                       :               Rs. 2775  million

Project Period                   :               2010- 2015

Implementing Area

Length (km)

Northern Province





For more details :

Northern Road Connectivity Project – Provincial Component

Progress up to December 2016

Northern Road Connectivity Project – Provincial Component (Additional Financing)

Progress up to December 2016 (Additional Financing)


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