Greater Colombo Wastewater Management Project

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Funding Agency : Asian Development Bank

Colombo sewerage system has a long history.  Richerd Eustace Tickell wrote in February 1923 in his paper on “Colombo Drainage Works” in the Minute of Proceedings Vol.216, of the Institution of Civil Engineers, London that the planning of the sewerage system in Colombo Municipal Council area was commenced in 1896 and the construction work was commenced in 1906.  The sewerage system has been funded by the then government through a loan to the Colombo Municipal Council.

The sewerage systems in Dehiwala, Mt Lavinia Municipal Council and Kolllonnnawa Urban Council areas were built during 1983-1987 based on the Sewerage Master Plan by Howard Humphrey done in 1972. Parallel to this the sewerage system in Colombo Municipal Council area has partly been rehabilitated and expanded. The sewage from Dehiwala Mt.Lavinia Municipal Council and Kolllonnawa Urban Council areas has connected to Colombo system for sea disposal.  Additionally 11 numbers of institutions located outside Colombo Municipal limits discharge their sewage through Colombo system.

Today the Colombo sewer system has experienced many failures requiring urgent attention.  There are several instances that public life was threatened and country’s economy was affected due to sudden failures in the system.  Several studies have been carried out on the condition of the system and with the understanding of the criticality of this service the Government has obtained a loan from the Asian Development Bank to upgrade the most critical component of the system under the Greater Colombo Wastewater management Project.

The Greater Colombo Wastewater Management Project is designed to improve the urban environment and public health for the urban and suburban residents in Colombo through improvements of wastewater management services. The project involves in upgrading the sewerage infrastructures, strengthening institutional and operational capacity and project management and implementation.

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